Friday, August 19, 2005

Kyler England

Official Site: www.kylerengland.com ; Myspace : kylerengland

One of my favorite musicians is in town for a series of gigs, and I'm running sound for an outdoor private house concert tonight. Kyler also opened last week on the side stage for Clay Aiken at Alltel Pavilion, and opens this coming week for Avril Lavrigne! "Mix" 101.5 is also playing an interview and a live performance this Sunday at 7:30pm on Mix 101.5's "Homegrown" radio show. Her new CD of live performances is coming out soon, look for it soon on her site, or preorder at her shows. She plays at the Six String Cafe 8/25/2005 and 8/26/2005, both at 8pm.

Her previous CD, "A Flower Grows in Stone", can be purchased online at Fresh Tracks Music.

Six String Cafe is closing!

Extremely sad news, the Six String Cafe is closing its doors at the end of this month. Kyler will be the last performer, closing out several years of serious acoustic music at a terrific acoustic venue. The Six String is the best acoustic venue in the Triangle, and really the only place for serious acoustic indie fans to find regular shows and a supportive audience. Dave, the owner, will continue to organize shows at other venues, and will be looking for another location. I hope the Six String re-opens in a new permanent location in the near future, but for now I'll be extremely sad to see it go.

When I was playing the open mics regularly, I met a lot of great musicians, great people, and carry with me a ton of fantastic memories.

Corrinne May

Listening to a new artist lately that I found through Kyler's Myspace pages. Corrinne May is apparently a major sensation in Singapore, but is actually based here in the States. Check out Corrinne's music on Myspace, and her very cool website

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