Monday, April 18, 2005

Open Mic @ Six String Cafe

Playing the Open Mic at the Six String Cafe tomorrow (Tuesday). Come on out!

I usually try to play between 8pm to 9pm, it depends on where my name lands on the signup list. Performances start at 7pm, signup is at 6pm for musicians.

My first Six String Open Mic in more than half-a-year. The last open mic's I played were last year in California (Barefoot Coffee Roastery, Red Rock Cafe, Brookdale Lodge).

My vocal range has not quite returned to normal after last month's respiratory illness, but I'll try to squeak out a few tunes.

My friend Jeff Dolan will be there too, we may play together, or separately. He used to be in a band called Remember Jonah, which used to play with Building 429 before they became a big CCM hit (single, "Space Inbetween Us"), and is now leading the brand-new band for Colonial Baptist singles group, called "Leaving Babylon". We played together in a short-lived band
right after I graduated from college. His Remember Jonah bandmates are now doing different things, one is drummer for Building 429, and another was playing with Big Daddy Weave last time I asked.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

North Carolina native (and Enloe H.S. and NC State grad) Kyler England is
returning for a show at the Six String Cafe this Saturday, April 16th, 8pm.
Some of you first heard about her when she and Vienna Teng were touring
together. She returns on this tour with her awesome electric guitarist Alex
McKinney. Blu Sanders will open for her concert (www.blusanders.com).

She is one of my favorite independent artists, and an overall very cool
person to meet. HER SHOWS ARE WORTH GOING TO!!!

Cover is $7 at the door. Doors open at 7:30pm.

More on Kyler: www.KylerEngland.com
Six String Cafe: www.SixStringCafe.com (107 Edinburgh Dr, in MacGregor
Village, Cary, NC, 919-469-3667)

***Performing Songwriter Magazine recently said about Kyler's new record "
'A Flower Grows in Stone' contains 14 compassionate and introspective songs,
all performed with confidence and intimacy." check it out for yourself at

***1st Place in the 2004 Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest for "If You Want
Me To" (adult contemporary category)

***Winner of the 2002 North Carolina Songwriters Competition

***Kyler's CD named "Best of 2004"...The Indie Acoustic Project named
Kyler's CD "A Flower Grows In Stone" one of the "Best CDs of 2004" in the
Alt Rock category. The Indie Acoustic Project is dedicated to giving
recognition to outstanding innovative acoustic (or mainly acoustic) music
that has never gotten the acclaim that it deserves. www.indieacoustic.com

NEW ALBUM "A Flower Grows In Stone" available:
ONLINE: www.cdbaby.com ,www.amazon.com
DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: www.itunes.com , www.buymusic.com ,
www.musicmatch.com , www.listen.com and many others
IN STORES: Borders Books, Virgin, Tower, Schoolkids,
Record Exchange and lots of indie record stores,
click for stores near you: http://www.kylerengland.com/node.php?id=93

Monday, April 11, 2005

Written for Doris, Erika, and Christina. May they find life through this painful journey.

Please know that we grieve with you and our hearts cry out. I wish that words were enough.

(Update 4/13/2005: Doris Hsu passed away at 1:50AM today.)

The Cry
©2005 Dan Tan

Don't know much more I can do
I'd rather not betray insecurities within
Never seen the light of day
Why this road that I have travelled?
Did I walk the straight and narrow?
If you call me to this place
Give me strength from which to face
All the questions and the shadows
Rising up from underground
Give us hope for our tomorrows
Where deliverance is found
Where deliverance is found

I cry
I fall down to my knees and pray
I cry
I fall down to my knees and pray
Please save us from this place
And bring us into life again

Lord help me comprehend
My heart cannot pretend
And all this seems like
Craziness a pointless circumstance
I do believe your love
What are you thinking of right now?
If it is faith I lack
Is a single reason too much to ask
Help me to believe
That your love is greater than
What I see
And bring us into life again
And bring us into life again

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