Friday, October 22, 2004

Rebecca Lynne is playing at the [b]BTI "Night of Dreams" [/b]([url]www.nightofdreams.org[/url]) in November.

[b][u]November 5th and 6th[/u][/b] at the [b]BTI Performing Arts Center [/b]in Raleigh
Showtimes are currently listed as [b]7:30pm [/b]on both nights.

Come on out and support her, and all the other talented performers who will be taking the stage! ([url]http://www.nightofdreams.org/castprofile.html[/url]) Dancers, singers, artists, classical, rock, acoustic, hip hop...

A lot of local talent on display. Fri and Sat shows will be repeats, so if you really like someone's Friday performance, you can buy another ticket and hear the same thing on Saturday ;).

Tickets are cheaper if you buy through Rebecca. Since I don't have her permission to post her email yet, email me if you want tickets, and put "Rebecca Lynne" in your subject so I don't think your message is spam. (dan@dantan.net)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More Open Mics
I plan to play at two more open mics in CA this week...

Barefoot Coffee Roasters, Wednesday, signup at 7pm. 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA. 408-248-4500.

The famous Brookdale Lodge, Thursday, signup at 7pm. Near Santa Cruz.

Brookdale Lodge
I plan on playing the open mic at the famous Brookdale Lodge on Thursday night. Signup is at 7pm. Near Santa Cruz.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Red Rock Cafe

I'm in California for business, and played the open mic at the Red Rock Cafe last night. Audience response was very good. I played after the "headliner", who played a half-hour set (David Kim, "Inner Beginner" ). I'm currently listening to his CD, which is a lot of fun. Some nifty arrangements with cool sounds. You can tell he spent a lot of time on it. Met a bunch of cool people, and some great musicians. I have not performed in public for two months, except for the Kyler England concert recently.

Check out Tin Cat. Meredith, Erik, and Dave played a SMOKING set last night. Guitars and mandolin. Very tight band, known each other for years, if they play in your area, go hear them! They play next on Saturday, Oct 9th 2004 at the Dana Street Roasting Company (744 W. Dana Street, Mountain View, CA). Erik Ostrom has his own website here, drowning.org is a cool URL, and performs solo and with other folks too. Check him out, love his guitar playing and mandolin. Dave, along with others in Tin Cat, are also in "The DTs", and can be found online at http://www.dtstunes.com/.

Check out Rebecca Parks too, who bills herself as "Singer/songwriter" and "Theatrical Folk-Rock". One of the songs she played last night is being considered in Nashville for something (I think someone might pick up her song for another artist). I liked that song a lot :).

Looking for other open mics around Palo Alto.... Email me if you know of any! dan@dantan.net

Kyler England
The Kyler England concert last Friday was excellent, it was a small house concert in an apartment clubhouse in Morrisville. She let me perform halfway through her set, which was very gracious, and unexpected. It's the first time in two months I've performed in public. Kyler is such a good performer, always consistent, and as usual, just a cool person in general, great to hang out with. Check out her music, and buy a CD! Support her music, she's a true independent, no big corporation backing her up, just her, Richard, and the music.

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