Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Jimmy Depoy
Jimmy Depoy is playing tonight at the Six String Cafe!  He writes...
I will be playing "OPEN MIC NIGHT'  with my guitar teacher, Mr Mike Krause at SIX STRING CAFE  in Cary, NC at 8:00 PM, Tuesday July 27th.      Two years ago this week I played in public for the very first time at SIX STRING CAFE.  I have played there 11 times and at other places more than 20 times since then, but SIX STRING CAFE will always be my favorite!      I will play one song on my new electric guitar.     
MacGregor Village Shopping Center     
#1 Hwy South 
Cary/Apex, NC

Hope you can make it. 
Jimmy DePoy

Monday, July 26, 2004

Six String Cancellation
I'm cancelling tomorrow.  Open mic will still be there, but it will go on without me.  Sorry... 

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Six String Cafe
I'm playing this Tuesday, 27th of July.  I've given up on predicting a time.  It's been so packed lately, that they've been doing random selection off of the sign-up list.   But I will be there!

Mindy Smith
Have you heard of Mindy Smith?  Someone just introduced me to her music...  Some music tracks can be found here, and on her official website"Come to Jesus" is an amazing song, you MUST HEAR IT.  Maybe I'll cover it sometime at the Six String.

Her video for "Come to Jesus" was top 20 on VH1 recently!  See it here.

Her lyrics are running through my head right now...
Worry not my daughters,
Worry not my sons
Child, when life don't seem worth livin'
Come to Jesus and let Him hold you in His arms
By the way, on a note from last week, if you have a chance to hear Scott Cash, solo or with the band "Starting Tuesday", you must hear him.  Their debut album will be out later on this year (website is a bit spartan, but the album is going to be killer).  Scott is already an accomplished songwriter, and he's younger than I am!  I've guess I've got some catching up to do :) .

All in God's time...  Be faithful in small things first.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Six String
Wow! It was packed tonight! Like sardines in a can... A TON of people in attendance, and so many performers that the sign-up list ran out of space. Sooo many good performers. It was stacked, though, because a lot of them were professionals. Great night, fantastic performances all around. Unreal... Everyone was SOOO good.

Bebo Norman and Scott Cash
A year ago, I heard this kid play, Scott Cash, and I was very impressed. So much so that I posted a link to his website on my blog links, which I've now replaced with his new band, "Starting Tuesday". His old site is no longer updated. Well, I haven't seen him at the Six String for a whole year. It's funny, I saw him play about the same time I met Michelle Hunter.

Well, lo and behold, Scott Cash grew up with Bebo Norman, and actually wrote songs for Bebo Norman's latest CD!

Look at this from the credits of Bebo's older album, "Big Blue Sky"...
Bebo Norman (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Scott Cash (electric guitar); Kevin Grantt (bass); Garett Buell (drums, percussion).

Notice any names that are familiar? Well, there's SCOTT CASH. Turns out, his brother ED CASH is the Nashville producer that produces Bebo's CD's.

But WAIT! There's ANOTHER name that stands out... "Garett Buell". Where have I seen that before? Well let's see... He was the percussionist for Michelle Hunter's concert at Rocketown!! And Garett Buell is the percussionist for Caedmon's Call!

Whoa... Small, small, small world. Scott Cash has improved exponentially since I last saw him play. He can often be found playing with his band at Young Life events. "Starting Tuesday" is finishing up their CD, which is slated for independent release in September of this year. LOOK FOR IT! It's going to be AWESOME. There are two snippets on their website.

God's kingdom-on-earth is a lot smaller than I expect.

So long as I'm throwing out names, check out Koo Chung. His sophomore CD is out, and it sounds AWESOME. Koo is a terrific guy to get to know, and a fantastic musician. I had the honor of opening for him last December, and then hunting down food at 3AM with him on Glenwood Avenue (found the 24-hour Crabtree Diner). Caedmon's Call dudes played on Koo's last album, I believe.

While checking out Koo's links, I discovered the "Eric Peters" link. I thought, "Wait a minute... OH MY GOODNESS!! ERIC PETERS!!! RIDGLEY!!!!" Eric was one half of the indie-acoustic-duo RIDGLEY. They opened for and toured with Caedmon's Call throughout the latter part of the 90's.

Ridgely was one of my FAVORITE bands in college. They were an indie duo that inspired me to move into percussive/rhythmic playing. They were SOOOO TIGHT as guitarists, it was like listening to one super-dexterous-guitar-player, even though it was actually two people. So tight. I was glad to see Eric Peters is still around, and must check out his stuff sometime.

Well, I just pulled out my coveted Ridgely CD from my old stash, and started listening to it again JUST YESTERDAY! Blast from the past, baby. I may try to cover a Ridgely song or two sometime.

Song Set
I opened with "Ballad of the Lost", then "School of Life", and then closed with a completely improvised version of "Amazing Grace" that ended up morphing into a part-minor-key song and then a part-major-key song that I actually liked a lot. I've lost count of how many variants of Amazing Grace I've sung. A new variant was invented tonight... :) And I like it enough to where I may add it to my song sets.

Jimmy Depoy

Jimmy Depoy will be playing at RAY PRICE HARLEY-DAVIDSON in Raleigh on July 17th, 2004. Go out and support him! I will unfortunately be unavailable :-(. From his mailing list:
Hi, I will be playing with my guitar teacher, Mr. Mike Krause at the:

"Tribute to Fallen Firefighters" concert
2:00 PM, Saturday, July 17, 2004
Ray Price Harley Davidson/Buell

1126 So. Saunders St.
Raleigh, NC
Directions: I/40 to exit 298B then North about 1 mile (on left).
Link: www.rayprice.com

I begin FIFTH GRADE July 12.
We will be in Texas on vacation August 1st through 15th.
I will be 11 years old August 25th.
Please check-out my web site: www.jimmydepoy.com
Thanks, Jimmy DePoy

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