Thursday, April 22, 2004

Random People...
Dropped by a guitar shop very briefly yesterday while running errands, and I hear someone behind me say, "Hi Dan!" I turn around, and I recognize one of the audience from the Six String. He says, "Man, one of the songs you performed yesterday has been going through my head!"
"The slow one, or the fast one?" I inquire.
"The fast one!"
I start playing the song on a guitar. "That one?"
"Yeah! That's it! And I love the 'The Jewelry Box'. That's such a good song!"
It's funny, on occasion I'll actually run into people in public who will recognize me... And what gets me, is that they remember my songs too. Someone asked me on Tuesday to buy a CD, but I don't have one yet :-P, so I'll have to whip something simple up as a first release...

* * *
I felt a bit thrown off by the act that showed up completely stoned before me on Tuesday. They cleared some of the remaining customers out of the Six String, and it was already a slow night. Lisa Ray came out and played -- thanks Lisa, that was a real treat. You must catch her sometime, she's such a captivating performer. She sometimes sings in Japanese too. AND, she is the sweetest person. So it's good she married Ken Ray, because he's a nice guy but he will kick your butt if you are mean to his sweet wife.

* * *
Talked with a guy afterwards for like 45 minutes, about everything. About suffering, God, Jesus, creation, evolution, redemption, mistakes, life lessons, music, songs... He came over and plopped down on the bench right in front of where I was practicing, and listened as I played and sang.

"You got a lot of hope in your songs. I couldn't hear all the words from way over there where I was sittin' before, but I could still hear the hope in your singing. You don't have to get loud for people to hear it, I could notice it most when you was quiet."

As he walks off, he says, "I don't know what else to say. But you do good. You got hope in your songs. Keep singing. What you're doin' is good for people. It's more than just your songs, it's what you do. Like standing around talking to me for 45 minutes. Whatever it is, I don't know what it is, but just keep on doin' it..."

* * *
I'll be playing at the Six String again next Tuesday, and Jimmy Depoy is tentatively scheduled to perform as well.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Ray Price Harley Davidson
1126 South Saunders St
Raleigh, NC
  • April 23rd at 7:00PM
  • April 24th at 12:00PM and 2:30PM
*I-40 Exit 298B go north about 1 mile

Jimmy is also playing as a featured performer at the Six String Cafe on the open mic nite, April 27th, probably around 8pm (tentatively). Yes, he is as young as he appears, but way better than he should be for his age :).

Rebecca Lynne and Friends
Playing for TIPS at the Six String Cafe Monday night, 8:00 PM. Come out and support them! Rebecca blew everyone away at the Tori Tribute. I could tell the audience was floored by her performance, and I guarantee you will be too.

Six String Open Mic
I'm playing this Tuesday, and next Tuesday at the Six String Open Mic. I usually fall into the 9pm timeslot, but it's a little hard to predict, since it's open mic. Doing three back-to-back before returning to my bi-weekly schedule. See Six String Cafe for directions...

Weekend Experiences...
The Tori Tribute was fantastic. I thought, "no way I'm staying for the whole thing. I'll leave during a bad performance." Well, there were none, and I stayed until they ended, then hung out and talked to a bunch of the performers. The time flew by. Sooo many talented performers. Can't really pick out a favorite either. Usually there's one person I really really like. But... they were all sooo good. Leaves me kinda' speechless.

Heard them at the Ooh La Latte cafe today, and it was a cool, chill environment. Brand new place up on Broad Street in Durham, they're just getting off of the ground, so check 'em out sometime, look on their website for info on upcoming events.

Very pink/hip/retro/funky, although some of the decorations are slightly disturbing :P (well, if mannequins and barbie dolls freak you out, which is the case with me). Relaxed hang-out time, meet people, talk. Saw Rob and Nan briefly. Kudos to Lisa and Ken Ray for organizing and setting the tone for the whole event. Their upbeat and relaxed attitudes really kept the stress level down for everyone. www.lisa-ray.net

Afterwards, hung with Rob (not the one mentioned earlier) and Angela Ai, swapped life stories, had remarkable intelligent conversation about all manner of life issues, ranging from music to medicine to food to pharmacology to God to soul mates. Very cool hanging with you guys, must do it again sometime in NY. I'm overdue for a visit to the Big Apple.

See you at the Six String, Steve-- I mean, Rob!

Shout out to Rebecca, who is PLAYING MONDAY at the SIX STRING. Shout out to Kyler, you are such a cool person! Hope you find someone to save you from email... Bill, you are the consummate live music junkie. Mr. Metcalf, super-percussionist! Angela, so awesome to meet you, tell me what u think about the live recording. Rob, we must chill together another time, hope to C U @ the Six String, lots of fun today. So many other people, but it's time to go.... Sorry if I missed you!

Sunday, April 18, 2004

"Visiting Angels" Showcase, Sunday, 3pm in Durham near Duke U
Free concert tomorrow, featuring some of the artists from the Tori Tribute! They will be playing original songs. Can't beat a free concert, especially with this caliber of performers.

Location is near School of Science and Math, and near Duke, at the Ooh-La Latte Cafe. Directions here. On Broad Street very near the intersection with Club Rd (which is where NorthGate Mall is).

Performers will be:

Angela Ai

Denise Barbarita

Leslie Berry

Kristi Martel

Alysson Light

Keyth Lawrence

Lisa Ray

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Temple Ball Galleries - Tori Amos Tribute Tonight
Tori Amos Tribute is tonight, at 8:30pm, doors open at 7pm. Tickets are $10, proceeds benefit the anti-abuse organization RAINN. Directions to Temple Ball Galleries can be found here. Many, many, diverse and talented performers will share the stage tonight. Sure to be a great show.

Six String Anniversary
If you'd rather stay closer to Cary, the Six String Cafe has their anniversary today, and has a special performance tonight featuring Chris Rosser and the Dreamsicles.

Dave, the owner, said that one of the musicians performing tonight was one of the reasons why he opened the Six String Cafe. Hey, if someone is SOOO good that it inspires someone to open up an acoustic music venue, then he's GOTTA be good! So the anniversary show is guaranteed to be a blast tonight. 3 year anniversary of the Six String Cafe.

8pm, $10 at the door.

Kyler and Vienna Teng
Fantastic performances last night by Kyler and Vienna Teng. It was standing-room-only at the Six String Cafe. Vienna opened with a solo set, then Kyler and her electric guitarist (and an occasional backup singer who was awesome) did a set, then everyone got on stage for an in-the-round set, which I enjoyed immensely.

Comment of the night: some lady turns to me and as I lean forward to hear what she wants to say, she asks, "Do you speak English?" ?!!!

Kyler is back in town next month, Saturday May 22nd, at the Six String Cafe again... And no, I do not get commission from the Six String :) .

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Six String
Holy Cow! I have to say this, there were these two girls that played, and they were unbelievable! I forget the names, but I think it was Jenna and Atiki, vocal and piano. First time they've ever played and sung, and I honestly think they are better than 90% of the people who come to the open mike night. Totally captivating, I couldn't believe how good they were.

Er, no offense to you regulars at the open mic, of which I am one... :-D

My set consisted of three songs, "The Jewelry Box" (introduced with an recently updated story), "The School of Life", and Ginny Owen's "If You Want Me To".

"The School of Life" is another raw energy, intense song. I nearly blow out my vocal chords singing that one. I like the song a lot. Finished it up today right before I performed at the Six String. Wrote the first part of the song on April 1st, 2004. Structure of the song is still incomplete. I improv my way through most of the song, hee hee... It will change drastically over time.

My favorite lines from the song...

You learned to love
and to forgive
when those you loved
they never did!
They clipped your wings
confined your heart
but you broke all the walls apart!

Monday, April 12, 2004

Six String
I'm playin' as usual at the Six String Cafe open mike tomorrow night, April 13th. I usually play my set somewhere around 8 - 9pm. Performances start at 7:15pm. See my blog entry for "Thu Apr 01" to see how the last open mike went. 10-year-old Jimmy Depoy stole the show with a full band performance. It was awesome...

Kyler & Vienna Teng
Date: April 16th (Fri)
Location: Six String Cafe in Cary, NC
Time: 8pm
Cover: $7

The Six String Cafe in Cary, NC, is once again hosting Vienna Teng and Kyler England for a performance this Friday! If you missed the last show, you missed a real treat. Just ask the NAAAP folks who came out for the last concert.
More info on artists at the end of this email.

Tori Amos Tribute RAINN Benefit Concert
Date: April 17th (Sat)
Location: Temple Ball Galleries in Carrboro, NC
Time: Doors open at 7pm, concert starts at 8:30pm
Cover: $10

This Saturday, Kyler England will join a long list of veteran performers for the Tori Amos Tribute concert, with all ticket sales to benefit RAINN, a nationwide anti-sexual assault organization.

Among the long list of performers will be two Asian-american performers, Angel Ai, and UNC graduate Lisa Furukawa Ray.

Don't miss this chance to hear some fantastic talented and highly underrated performers.

Miscellaneous Info
Stanford graduate and former-Cisco-programmer Vienna Teng just released her second CD to much acclaim, "Warm Strangers", available online and in retail stores nationwide. On The Late Show, David Letterman introduced her first CD, "The Waking Hour", by stating, "I've heard the entire CD and there's not a dud on this! You get your money's worth here!"

Kyler England is originally from the Raleigh area (Enloe High School, NC State University), and currently hails from New York city. Last year, she won 1st Place in the 2003 Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest for my favorite Kyler song, "Something So Beautiful". She is one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, and a fantastic performer. Her CD, "A Flower Grows In Stone" is also available online.

This is the 3rd annual Tori Amos Tribute, organized locally to benefit RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). The Tori Tribute website link above contains links to each of the performing artists websites. About a dozen musicians are scheduled to perform.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Andrew Peterson in Cary, NC!
Acclaimed and veteran singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson is performing at the "Colonial Baptist Church Auditorium" on April 16th, 2004, at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30pm. If you don't know Andrew Peterson, USA Today calls his latest CD "harrowingly beautiful". His latest CD is "Love & Thunder", available online at places like Grassroots Music and the usual Amazon.com, and in various retail outlets nationwide.

Koo Chung is a friend of Andrew's, and vouches for him not only as a fantastic story-teller and musician, but also as a fellow brother-in-Christ. An all-around great guy.

Also appearing will be Jason and Tim Holdridge and Laura Story.

Concert and ticket information can be found at www.2xl.org (that's 2 X L, not 2 X 1 ). Click on the main banner, then look for a smaller banner that says "Andrew Peterson" linking to the ticket information page. Students get a discount, $7 with ID. $8 adults. $10 at the door. In advance only: $12 includes table with dessert/coffee, 8 per table.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Usual report
Six String was good. Ha ha, the night belonged to Jimmy Depoy and his crew, who stole the show. This time, it was a full band, Jimmy on his guitar, a drummer, and a violinist. All about his age, too. Check out his music.

The act that followed Jimmy and band was really good. I couldn't catch the name, Pajama Don? Pajama Dan? Apparently from Thomasville, NC. Amazing harmony, gave me chills hearing how tight they were.

Good crowd feedback for my songs. Set was "Got to Move On", "When the Rain Comes" (Mark Lee/Third Day), "Fragile". Received comments on how "Got to Move On" is "edgier" than most of the other songs I sing. It's a hard song for me to sing. Sometimes when I finish this song, my whole body is shaking.

I'll close with the lyrics to that song, in its entirety. This song is dedicated to the people whose stories it tells.

Got to Move On - Dan Tan © 2004
(verse 1)
I fought in the Gulf of Leyte in the great World War
I came back to the States and I married my girl
I was an alcoholic I'm ashamed to say
Lived my life like I was waiting for
Judgement Day!

My sweetheart stood by my side through the worst of times
I cannot say I was a good man but I certainly tried
I found forgiveness at the altar of Grace, in my last days
I'm going home to meet my sweetheart and I'm not afraid!

Lift up your hands to the heavens
And say 'I am alive'
Sing to the God of creation
And refuse to die.
Break apart these chains that hold me down,
And let them fall.
Get moving cause time ain't waitin' and,
You've got to move on!

(verse 2)
Sixteen years old I was the picture of the perfect girl
Met a dealer who said I was pretty and I sold him my soul
Not for love, but for mary jane and the almighty pill
He gave me drugs and I gave him other things,
And he led me to hell!

After a while I talked to my sister and said I had a friend,
Who was in trouble and she thought that her life was at the end.
She started to give me advice and I yelled, 'I am that girl!'
My family rose up around me and they
Carried me from hell!

Can't say the roads been easy
And it's been years
God forgave me long before
I forgave myself
I started over in a different place
God loves me as I am
You can't take that away.
And so I'll...

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