Friday, March 26, 2004

Six String
I'm playin' at the Six String Cafe this Tuesday, at their Open Mike Nite, as usual.

Friday, March 19, 2004

High Compliments
Nathan Asher paid me a high compliment this past Tuesday. He said, "What I like about your music is that you have a very authentic voice. What I mean is that your voice rings true."

That has to be the highest compliment I've received in a very long time. I don't really care if people like my songs or not, but if they sense that I am singing what I believe to be true about life and hope and redemption and God, and that I am singing from my heart and with complete honesty, then I'm thrilled. Someone doesn't have to agree or even like the message of my songs, but they should recognize that I HAVE to sing them. I must sing about the hope of God in a world that tramples mercilessly upon the living. To fail to do so would be to treat with the utmost contempt God's redemption of my failures and the miracles I've seen in other people's desperate lives, whose stories I often sing about. The miracle of my life is that I have found hope and purpose in the midst of despair and darkness. If you could see what I have seen, you would believe as I do too. Jesus Christ is not a curse-phrase to me, he is a living being, and he is in the business of making right the wrongs we have done.

Nathan has a style that I think is incomparable. His music can be abrasive and confrontational, usually containing social and political content. You cannot tune out his words, you can't ignore the words for the music. His musical sense is strong, his conversational rhythm draws your complacent attention and then a phrase jumps out and slaps you awake. Politically and socially, me and Nathan would not see eye-to-eye.

But I like Nathan. He's got guts and raw intensity. And, he's exercising his rights. See my post on Wednesday, November 12, 2003, under the heading Taken for Granted... for ...my thoughts on free speech in this country. Americans can be amazingly ignorant of what it means to live without it.

So his compliment to me means a lot... I think it means more to me than the $200 tip I received the last time I played at the Six String. I may post that story here sometime...

Nathan Asher and the Infantry plays at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh on Friday March 19th, along with Saunter and Nathan Davis. More info here. WARNING: if you have a weak heart, weak will, or are easily offended by strong opinions, it may not be for you... Heh heh... The Independent wrote a very favorable review recently.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Six String
I perform tonight, Tuesday the 16th of March, 2004. Haven't completely worked out my set yet, but I may be doing two keyboard songs and one guitar song. I figure, I need to force myself to perform with the keyboard.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Michelle Hunter
Michelle said the concert went fantastically. The coffee house venue is where she played, and it was packed out! Response was great, and she has a lot of encouragement to continue playing other shows in the future! Awesome... I'm sorry I missed it, but hey, it's the first of many, so I'll catch one in the future... :)

Six String...
I gotta write about what happened at the Six String this past Tuesday. It... blew my mind. Pretty mind-boggling, and amazing all at the same time. Don't feel like writing about it now, but I'll try to post something tomorrow. I shared it with the youth at church today...

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