Friday, February 27, 2004

If you know anybody 'round Nashville, tell 'em to check out Rocketown this Saturday for Michelle Hunter's concert at 8:00 pm! Accompanying her on stage will be upright bassist Joseph Digerness and Garett Buell from the highly acclaimed band Caedmon's Call.

Info can be found on the preview page of her new website.

A few MP3 samples can be found on my site.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Vienna Teng
Friend of mine just told me that Vienna Teng's new CD will be out this week! Can be previewed and purchased online at her record label's website, Virt Records. Some cool promotionals with Amazon.com are going on too, where pre-orders give you access to online versions of live recordings... See Virt Records for more details.

Vienna Teng will next be in the area (North Carolina) in April 27th, at The Evening Muse in Charlotte. Check her tour schedule to see if she's going to be near you anytime soon...

Tori Amos Tribute Concert and RAINN Benefit
The 3rd annual Tori Amos Tribute concert in Carrboro, NC, is coming up on the 17th of April, 2004. Kyler and Rebecca Lynne are two of a long list of great performers who are playing at the concert.

The concert will benefit RAINN, "the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization".

Friday, February 20, 2004

Michelle Hunter
Check out www.dantan.net for some SAMPLE MP3s, including part of a live bootleg that has never been released before. I'm dumping some stuff temporarily on my site, since her site is currently being professionally redesigned in Nashville.

Six String
Rebecca Lynne is NOT playing this Tuesday, unfortunately, but she will be playing at the Tori Amos tribute concert in Carrboro in April. See her site for more information. Kyler England will also be playing that concert. I'm planning on playing NEXT Tuesday, but not this upcoming one...

Koo Chung
Check out Koo's website. Go to the forums and read his "Jibber Jabber" and other stuff... Reading the news about his latest recording project is interesting. Ha ha ha! Guess what he's naming his basement studio? AKOOSTIC STUDIOS! HAA HAA HAAAA! GET IT?! AH KOOOOOO STICK ... ACOUSTIC... KOO CHUNG... KOO...

That cracks me up. If you're wondering who Koo is, I met him when I opened for a concert of his in December. Great guy, just went full-time into pursuing music at the end of last year. If he's ever near you, you GOTTA check him out live. Intense live performer. His first CD doesn't do him justice-- ya gotta check him out in person.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Six String
I played tonight. Slow night, we started at 7:15pm and ended shortly after 9pm. The news reports about impending snow/sleet/freezing rain kept away most performers and audience, but it was still good. Enough to make a crowd, and some new people too. My song list was (1) Face the Dragon, (2) Fragile, and (3) When the Rain Comes. The last song is one of my favorite Third Day songs, written by Mark Lee, music by Third Day. Third Day won their first Grammy for "Come Together", the album that "When the Rain Comes" was on. Their website has a lot of samples playing in the background as you click through their site. Check 'em out!

My friend Rebecca Lynne plays at next week's open mike! I may have to do next week and the following back-to-back, cause I want to hear Rebecca play. Worth hearing, so come on out! I'll have to be there.

Mac, who runs sound at the Six String, noticed my new spiked hair cut. He said that growing up with sisters makes him notice things like that. Either that, or the fact that he happens to be bald. ;-) Mac said it makes me look like a "young rebel"! As opposed to... an old rebel?

Cell Phone
My cell phone rang several times when I was on stage performing. Someone was trying very hard to reach me. If you're reading this, I'm praying for you. Concentrate on the task at hand, and we'll talk later this week.

The rest of you folks can pretend like you didn't just see that bit of communication :-) .

Random thought. Taught Sunday School this past week to the youth group at my church. Lesson was a Valentine's Day lesson - healthy romantic relationships according to Solomon's Song of Songs (from the Bible). One point that stuck in my head, for some reason, was a point derived from verses 5 and 6 of Chapter 1. Those verses describe the "beloved", the bride-to-be, as working in the fields and tanned. In that time period, tanned skin for a woman was a sign of lower-class, and her "lover", the husband-to-be, was obviously high-class (King Solomon is the likely candidate). In the passage, she describes herself with shame. But later on, attitude and self-image changes, and she begins to describe herself as beautiful... "I am a Rose of Sharon, a lily of the valley..." (2:1)

The point? In a healthy relationship, there is INCREASING security. Greater trust, greater acceptance of yourself, more relaxed attitude, a healthier image as you accept yourself as God created you. You grow as you learn to accept the love of someone who loves you for who you are.

Let's say you are in a relationship for a year. If your security is weaker than it was when you started, then there may be something very wrong with the relationship. I think that point stuck with me because it's such a simple practical measurement that is often neglected. Ponder that one for a bit...

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Woohoo!! She's playing at Michael W. Smith's Rocketown in Nashville on Feb 28th! See my site for promo flyer and more information. Promo flyer temporarily up on my site until her new website is finished. Don't know exactly when that will be, but when I hear about the new site, I'll post the link here...

Six String This Tuesday
I'm playing this Tuesday at the Six String Cafe. I usually play around 8:45 - 9:30pm. Come and check it out!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I got a hair cut. The first major style change in my hair for... oh I don't know. Maybe a decade? O_o
Now it's closer to Asian-spiky hair, but not quite...


Koo Chung, Neah Lee, and Shane and Shane
Koo Chung and Neah Lee will be touring with Jacob's Well, a band whose first CD was produced by the dudes from the established indie group Shane and Shane.

If you are interested in having them play in your area, contact either Koo Chung or Shane and Shane. There are "booking" links on both their sites, and they need local people to find venues for them to play.

I keep hearing about Shane and Shane from all sorts of different people, and I need to check them out. I just heard from someone in Austin about "Shane's quadruple-strum", which is apparently a reference to his style of rhythmic guitar playing... Intriguing... What is a quadruple-strum?

Six String
No Six String Cafe tonight for me. Will be there next week, the 17th. Shout-out to Anthony, hope to see ya there sometime. Oh yeah, shout-out to the dude I met at Coconuts Music and Video. Sorry, forgot your name, but I'd recognize ya if I saw ya...

Siler's Bald
I have been listening to the Siler's Bald song "My Heart Will Sing" ever since I came across it in December. Found the link to their site on Koo Chung's site. I love that song...

Now Playing...
* Rachmaninov, Piano Transcriptions and Arrangements (Idil Biret)
* Richard Addinsell: Warsaw Concerto; Sergei Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor, op.18; Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No.2 in F major, op.102; Sergei Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paginini; Alexander Scriabin: Piano Concerto (Cristina Ortiz/Vladimir Ashkenazy)
* John Mayer: Room for Squares

Friday, February 06, 2004

UNC versus Duke
Man, wish I had decent reception on my TV. I missed a nail-biter of a game between UNC and Duke. ACC overtime basketball... nothing more thrilling... UNC will win next time, I have faith. We only lost by one point in overtime. Coach K now has exactly a 50% win rate against UNC. We'll have to make it 49% next time we play Duke...

Orchestral Scores
The first original song I can remember composing was completely orchestral. I think I was 12 years old. I've never recorded it, or scored the music, or preserved it in any form, but I can still hear it in my head. There are lots of sounds in my head that I've never "dumped out"..

Well, with my keyboard, I can finally start to work on rough orchestral pieces. Now I wish I had learned more about formal music notation :-(. Oh well, it's fun just to get ideas out of my head finally.

I posted a rough draft of a theme I composed for a wedding video my side business is working on. Check it out at http://www.dantan.net/download/dan/Magnific.mp3.

Wonder what you'd find if you could look inside Dan's head? Take a listen and you'll hear what I hear all day long... I'm going to try to practice reading music notation this year (and then writing too). It's about time I worked on more formal music skills. If you're in formal music lessons, don't give up! Formal music skills are tough to come by the older you get, and I ain't gettin' no younger.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Website updated
I've posted some more assorted rough recordings to my website. Check them out at http://www.dantan.net.

Six String
Six String was awesome tonight. Fantastic crowd, and as usual, some great performers, both regulars and new people too. Thanks to Dave Cox for accompanying me on "Face the Dragon", the blues lead riffs are greatly needed for that song. Thanks to everyone who came on out, I was surprised at how many people came out. So thanks to Evan, Serena, Lin, Tom, Dave, Michelle, Maurice, Joel, Dana, and forgive me, but I have forgotten your wife's name, Maurice...

Jenny, you have an amazing voice. Gary, hope to see you again, you got talent as a songwriter. Barry, glad to have you in the area, your keyboard practically dances when you play. Alex, keep up the thoughtful captivating songs. Pat, we love you man! Bob, stir up the crowd, and rock ON! And Jimmy, I was looking forward to hearing you play, but I guess you decided not to perform tonight... Keep playing, Jimmy Depoy! (See WRAL-TV video - Jimmy Depoy)

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Six String Cafe
Playing tonight at the Six String Cafe, hope to see you there.

Did a small impromptu mini-concert this past weekend outside Starbucks on Creedmoor for a few people who gathered to hear me practicing new songs outside. It was good to meet and talk with y'all, Anthony and Liz. Keep up the drumming, Anthony! Come out to the Six String sometime! Shirley and Doug, good to meet y'all also.

My guitar was strapped to my back, and I was talking with Anthony and Liz for a bit, when Shirley came up to me and said, "Well, are you going to wear that thing, or play a song? I wanna hear you sing!" I played "Got to Move On" for her, and later, "The Wind Song".

[Got to Move On] "...Lift up your hands to the heavens,
And say 'I am alive'
Sing to the God of creation,
And refuse to die.
Break apart these chains that hold you down,
And let them fall
Get movin' cause time ain't waitin',
And, you've got to move on! ..."

[The Wind Song] "...Feel the power of the current,
Fill my sails with wind
Let me walk upon the water,
Pour your Grace within..."

Shirley encouraged me to play out more often. She said I "got it all"... "Religious, country, rock, blues..." I responded, "Well, I write what I know."

I've been staking out the Starbucks for a few weeks, trying to locate some of the crew that was working there a few weeks ago. I promised them I'd come back to play them some songs, and since then, I miss them everytime. Retail work hours can be hard to pin down. I'll walk in, order an herbal tea, notice that they're not working, and go outside to practice... If you were working there the night I was outside playing guitar with a tall blonde girl, email me and tell me when I should show up at Starbucks!

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