Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Catch me tonight at the Six String Cafe!

All new songs on the menu for tonight's 3-song set. If you were here last week, you'll have heard two of them. "Prodigal", written on the 17th of October; "The Jewelry Box", written about two months ago; "Got to Move On", written last night.

Hm. Was thinking about how many songs I've written in the past few months, and came up with this list.
"Simple Phrase"
"Hold That Thought"
"Thunder Rolls"
"Who Am I"
"Hope to Give"
"The Jewelry Box"...
"Blow Wind Blow"
"River of Tears"
"Make it Right"
"Colors of Morning"
"Got to Move On"

Hm. That's a lot, considering how many songs I've written since middle school. And that list may be incomplete too... Well, inspiration is here, so I might as well take advantage of it. Thank God my life isn't boring. Plenty of material for songs.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Have decided to play next Tuesday, again, at the Six String. So if you're free, catch me there! Will be earlier, so I'll be stuck in a timeslot somewhere between 7:15 and 10pm.

Played Tuesday at the Six String. Got good response from the audience, even though it was midnight. Some awesome musicians played that night.

Played three songs, "Prodigal" (thanks, Rebecca Sun, for coming up with that name), "The Jewelry Box", and ... um.... "Blow Wind Blow" (??unnamed??).

Talked to Sean Wen out in Seattle before I played. He's starting to record and produce demos for local bands. And he's interning at a local recording studio just to learn the ropes (no pay).

Oh, and Michelle Hunter is in Nashville now! Settling into a new city. She will be very missed, but she is where she needs to be, and I pray God's powerful blessings on her.

Monday, October 20, 2003


I'm playing at the Six String on Tuesday. Can't predict a time, but I will aim for 8pm-10pm time slot. Hope to see some of y'all there. My set will be three new songs, all written very recently.


www.ThePeoplesChannel.org has show listings and schedules. Look for "Asian-American Focus" sometime next weekend. The schedule's not updated yet, so keep checking. If I can get in touch with the station and find out when I'll be on, I'll post it here.

We taped two interviews on Saturday, and in both, I interview for about 15 minutes, then do a short performance of 3 - 4 songs. It was fun, and interesting too. If you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, please read the prior posts...

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Oh yeah, wrote a new song early early Friday morning, called "Prodigal" (title credit goes to Rebecca Sun). It's a song of abandonment and return to God... I have no idea what style you'd call it, but I think it'd be something like P.O.D. meets Switchfoot meets Lifehouse?

Got you out of my sight
Can't get you out of my mind
Day and night I can't escape
Crawlin' under the ground
Shut my ears to the sound
Think that I have gone away

Maybe I don't need you
I will change my hairdo
Then a different man I'll be
I just might change my name
To something really insane
That will surely prove to you

Do I really want to be a prodigal?
Do I really want this life I know?

You don't ever let me down
You will always be the same--
But I will change

Don't let me go
My "no" ain't "no"
I'm just tryin' to find myself right now
I will return
Once I have learned
That I cannot live
Without... You!

I will be performing at the Six String's Open Mike Nite this coming Tuesday, 21st of October.

Have decided to alternate Tuesdays at the Six String with Tuesdays at my home recording a demo. So I'm going to flip-flop weeks, one week at Six String, other week at home recording...

I’m going into Chapel Hill tomorrow to tape two episodes of “Asian-American Focus”, a local Chapel Hill public-access cable television show produced by a friend of mine, Judy Tseng. I get to talk about being an Asian in the South in one taping, and in the other taping I get to perform some of my songs! Yea!!!

Uh, but the likelihood of you ever seeing an episode is slim, since, well, public-access cable television has very low viewership, and you’d have to be in Chapel Hill, and have cable TV to see it.

But it’ll be fun! And a good experience for me. I’m bringing guitars for the second taping, and lots and lots of guns for the first taping to emphasize my redneck heritage.

Uh, just kidding about that last part... ;)

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Yup, I may not be playing at the Six String for a few weeks while I get settled with a bunch of other things I have to take care of. A lot of video editing to do right now for a wedding contract.

Random stuff: On October 18th, I'm being interviewed for a local Chapel Hill public-access cable show, "Asian-American Focus". Not sure when the program will air, but it's, um, local to Chapel Hill cable subscribers, and there will be two shows. I'll actually get to perform some songs on one show.

Vienna Teng (www.viennateng.com), a rising young Asian-American indie musician, will be performing locally at the Six String Cafe in Cary on Thursday, November 13th, 2003. The show is a double-header, with another artist performing at 7pm, and her show starting at 9pm. Cover is $5 and includes both shows. Samples of her music can be found on her website-- she's good!

Vienna Teng (www.viennateng.com) recently signed with Virt Records, a Boston indie label, and her latest album, "The Waking Hour", is available nationwide from most music retailers. She entered Stanford on a pre-med track, graduated with a Computer Science degree, and worked for Cisco Systems as a programmer. In August of last year, she quit her job at Cisco to do music full-time. She has been featured on NPR's Weekend Edition, and was also a guest performer on the David Letterman show.

An old friend told me to check out her music, and I liked what I heard on the website. I just picked up her CD at Coconuts Music and Video last week, and it's been playing in my car ever since...

Read her bio here.

www.DanTan.net is in the works! Look for MP3's of songs to be posted there by Christmas time. It'll be an all-purpose site, for music and non-music related stuff, but mainly music related stuff, either for worship team preparation, or for my songwriting stuff.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Well, haven't played out at Six String much lately. But I did lead the worship team at Evergreen Community Church this past Sunday, as a guest worship leader. It was a lot of fun working with their praise team.

My friend Lisa in Nashville is going on tour with Michael W. Smith, to be the spokesperson for Compassion International's excellent sponsor-a-child program. Michelle Hunter moved to Nashville this past Monday. And an ex-coworker may be opening up a recording studio and asking me for assistance. Stuff like this is part of the reason why I tell people that more momentum towards music is happening in my life. Where does it lead? Only God knows right now, but I can't ignore it.

Have been writing more new songs, lately. Not sure what to call them. I think I will call one song, "Wind". Another is "River of Tears". And the latest one is "The Jewelry Box". The last one is actually my favorite right now, and it's a story-song about an engagement, and, of course, an engagement ring. And there are a couple of half-finished songs in-the-works. A bunch, actually.

I may take a break from performing and focus on recording a short demo CD. More people are asking me to record my music, so I guess it's time. Between that, and the event videography side-business, I should be quite occupied... But hey! I'm young, I'm single, and it's been a blast learning all these new skills lately.

God has been good, and I am still learning and growing. It's not a bad place to be.

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