Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I'm planning on playing at the Six String Cafe again, 9/15/2003, but there's a possibility I may not be able to play.

It's been productive to be there, since I've taken to writing songs while seated outside the cafe. Three new songs, written in the past three weeks, two written at the Six String Cafe. "River of Tears" and "Wind". "The Jewelry Box" was written this past Saturday night. That last song has been going through my head ever since, and I can't stop playing and singing it. It's as if the song insists on being sung, and refuses to be silent.

(1) Six String is now doing random selection, which is unusual. What that means is I cannot guarantee at what time I will play. AND
(2) there is a rather violent hurricane headed for North Carolina. The wind band already stretches across the state, and it looks likely we will get slammed pretty hard by "Isabel" no later than Thursday, if not sooner.

SO, if I haven't gotten a new chainsaw blade and some basic hurricane supplies by the time Six String starts, then I may forgo the Six String Cafe to go supply shopping.

(3) I have an important phone call to make tomorrow evening, and if it comes down to the phone call or Six String, the phone call wins.

Forecast for this week? 70% chance I will play at Six String.

Monday, September 08, 2003

I will be playing at the Six String Cafe tomorrow (Tuesday 9/9/2003) at their weekly Open Mike Nite, aiming for a 9:00pm timeslot.

Not sure about the song set yet, but if you have requests, let me know via email.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Just came back from a retreat in Texas, CCR (Career Christian Retreat), sponsored by an organization of Chinese churches in Texas. Co-led a small group, met a ton of people, bootlegged the praise music during the sessions, learned a lot, went two days without sleep, took a nap on the tin roof of my cabin (great view of the valley), got rained on while napping, ate lots of apples, shared Christ, saw a friend accept Christ, rode down severely steep back-roads at 80 mph, ate at Salt Lick BBQ (gorged on all-u-can-eat Texas BBQ), and even got to perform two mini-concerts. Oh yeah, and I was assaulted by the camp cat. Well, nearly.

Missed playing at Six String Cafe this week due to airline difficulties on my return trip. That breaks my streak -- up til now, I've been there six weeks in a row. The soundman, Mack, says I'm a regular now.

Am planning on taking a roadtrip to Nashville in the near future. My ex-coworker who runs a studio part-time in Nashville is going for a trip sometime in the next month or two. He invited me along to accompany him the day I flew out for the retreat. And a friend in Nashville asked me if I considered moving there. Well, now I have! Only God knows the future.

If you're from CCR, then it was cool! Don't take the network in Texas for granted. And remember, God is not absent from your cubicles...

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